Upgrade your home with the best swimming pool service provider. You will get the most efficient and effective results with our professionals, always prepared to cater to your needs.

Upgrade your home with the best swimming pool service provider. You will get the most efficient and effective results with our professionals, always prepared to cater to your needs.

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Pool Builder Frisco TX: Professional Pool Builders in Frisco

Many homeowners want to have a swimming pool for their homes because of its many purposes. Understandably, you need the right people for the job because it is a major upgrade for your property. And since it is a significant improvement, you need the best people with the most reliable services, and that is why Pool Builders In Frisco has been here in the industry for more than a decade. We have a strong foundation when it comes to building and maintaining swimming pools. 

We have been continuously assisting homeowners and making their dream swimming pool come true in the city. Our experts have studied and mastered various swimming pool types to help our clients better. Most of our clients were hesitant in the beginning of the project. But after seeing and experiencing our services, they have been enlightened that they do not need anything else. They only need our expertise for all types of swimming pools. We offer complete and efficient swimming pool services to all current and future pool owners in the city. If you want a swimming pool for your property, you need the expertise of our professionals to get the best services and most reliable services; only at Pool Builder Frisco!

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Complete Services

If you already have a swimming pool or are planning to have one, it is imperative that you know someone that you can rely on whenever you need services. Servicing your swimming is not as simple as it is. You might think that to clean it, you just need to remove the visible dirt, such as fallen leaves. Cleaning your pool is not only about removing leaves or other visible debris; it takes more than that. With our expertise in maintaining different swimming pools, you no longer need to worry about it. Pool Builder Frisco offers a complete line of swimming pool services with the most efficient results. We provide assistance from cleaning the pool to choosing the supplies and help homeowners by giving tips on how to keep their pool as clean as possible.

Aside from maintenance, our experts also repair swimming pools. Whether you have a broken swimming pool tile, or maybe your pump or any other parts are acting up, we have the expertise to repair them and bring them back to their usual function. You will surely have your swimming pool up and running again with the effectiveness of our services. We also fix pool supplies, such as water sliders. And if you have an above-ground pool type, we also do services to it, even if the damage has a hole. We can patch it up and make it look like nothing has happened.

With our complete services, you will definitely look no more for other service providers to keep your swimming pool in tip-top condition.

Why Choose us

Pool Builder Frisco TX

We offer top quality materials and with the best services in the city. We make sure that all our clients are getting the most efficient services as we have been committed to delivering it to all homeowners.
Pool Builder Frisco TX

You no longer need to worry about your budget because we make sure that the price range we offer are affordable. And now, you can have the swimming pool of your dreams without thinking much about funds.
Pool Builder Frisco TX

Our services are superior because we have developed an effective system that will surely give your swimming pool the best and fastest results. You no longer need to call different people to do the job.
Pool Builder Frisco TX

Our experts have mastered delivering various types of swimming pool services for each type. Whether you have the standard or custom type of pool, we can definitely assist you with that.
Pool Builder Frisco TX

We always prioritize your needs and demands because we make your goal ours. We make sure that after the project, you will get the benefits of having an efficient and amazing swimming pool.
Pool Builder Frisco TX

There are times that standard types do not work for you, so we have professional designers that can make pol designs for you that will surely suit your taste and your home’s appearance.

Client Feedback

Carlo M.

" I was worried whether I should have a swimming pool built. But with their professional services, I am glad I made the right choice to hire them. They gave my home a really great upgrade by adding an inground pool. "

Pool Builder Frisco TX
Carol G.

" I have not used my pool for a very long time and the tiles were so dirty. Thanks to their expertise, my pool was cleaned and even repaired the broken tiles fast and effectively. I will recommend them to my friends and family. "

Pool Builder Frisco TX
Zian L.

" It is such a great thing that they are always here for me whenever I need swimming pool services. Whenever I call them, they always come on time. They are very efficient and professional. Thank you so much for maintaining my swimming pool. "

Pool Builder Frisco TX

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One of the most common reasons homeowners are hesitant to have a swimming pool for their home is that they do not have the time to maintain it or do not know any reliable professionals to assist them. You no longer need to worry much about it as we can provide you with the best services. You can now have your dream swimming pool come true as we will guide you throughout the project and even give you some pointers on maintaining it well. If you are worried about the price, we keep our professional services budget-friendly because we want you to experience the advantages of having an excellent swimming pool in Frisco.

For the best swimming pool services, from planning, installation, repairs, and maintenance, contact Pool Builder Frisco as we have the most efficient services you will ever need. Call us now, and we will discuss everything with you.


You have finalized the dimension of your pool but you may wonder, how much does a 12x24 inground pool cost in Frisco? An inground pool installation for example a small vinyl liner pool could range from $25,0000 (for the basics) and roughly $35,000 for additional features such as heating and fencing. However, this would depend on the type of installation and equipment to be used. A 12X24 fiberglass pool can cost between $40,0000 to $45,000, this would depend on the features that you want to be added and also the needs for your backyard area. For a concrete type using the same dimension may cost more than $40,000 and may sum up to close to $50,000.

Having your pool area would be an instant getaway for the summer but the question is, “how to maintain a pool in Frisco? “As a pool owner, it is a big responsibility to maintain its cleanliness. Some steps on how to maintain a pool:

  • Remove the debris
  • Set the Vacuum
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Adjust the chemical components
  • Backwash the filter
  • Clean pump filter
  • Add chlorine to the system

Lastly, check the pool’s water level, refill if necessary if this shows less than half way up the skimmer well mouth.

You may have done a lot of research on what you need to know in getting a pool. But most often you would ask, “how much does it cost for an inground pool in Frisco?” To answer the question, this would depend on the type of pool, dimension and the people who would build the pool. For an inground pool it could cost from $25,000. However, the best way to get an estimated cost is to seek professional advice. From there, you can allocate the budget and check for financing options.

Having your own inground pool is such as a convenience since you can just plunge in anytime you want. But, what is the best type of inground swimming pool? Before doing the decision in purchasing the pool, check the three most popular types of inground pools.

  • Concrete Pool - This is the most popular type of pool yet expensive. It is often called the Gunite of Shotcrete pools.
  • Vinyl Pool - It is the second most popular type of inground pool. Each pool is made from a one piece flexible liner which fits into an excavated hole and attached to a steel or aluminum framed wall.
  • Fiberglass Pool - This type of pool is factory molded into giant bowl shaped shells which are set to the excavated hole by a crane.

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